Nutrition & Wellbeing Workshops

This series will give you key insights into your personal health struggles and enable you to become empowered about your food choices. 

Fall Detox Thursday, September 12th

Fall is the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify your body! Shed unhealthy weight, restore hormone balance, replenish energy stores and bring renewed vibrancy to all corners of your life! 

Unfortunately it’s a fact, we live in a toxic world. We’re surrounded by (and filled with!) chemicals, toxins and negative thought patterns that can wreak havoc on our system and take away from our sense of well being. Luckily, the beautiful Maritime autumn provides a nourishing and inspiring environment which we can use to encourage healing! You will come away from this with a full set of instructions, shopping list, meal and lifestyle plan to complete a gentle yet effective week long detox! 

Ariel will support you throughout the week to ensure this is an invigorating and painless process. 

The Three Keys to Weight Loss Success– Thursday, October 10th

Enough with the fads and gimmicks, let’s talk about the strategies that really work to get you to a healthy body and keep you there.

Creating Your Optimal Life- Thursday, November 14th

Ariel has pulled all the skills and knowledge she has to lead you through this important class, in which you will gain a new outlook and revitalized vision for your life. Rediscover the happy and energized person that you know you can be- and resolve to live your life with revitalized purpose and intent.

The Sugar Addiction– December 5th

Sugar is not only proven to be addictive, it is harmful to every cell in your body and a causative factor in many illnesses. In this workshop, you will get the background you need to understand why you are a slave to cravings and learn the steps you need to take to beat this harmful habit for good!

Workshops are held Thursday evenings from 5:30- 7:30pm. Snacks and tea will be provided, and if this is your dinner time, you are invited to bring it with you!

Cost is $30 for each workshop, or $100 for the full series. Pre-registration is required. You can register with Leanne ( If you can’t make the class, but still want the information, it is available in e-book for $15 a course or $50 for the whole series.

For more information, please contact Ariel Richards at 1 (902) 440- 2842, or visit her website


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