Nov 21 Slow Strong & Steady CANCELLED

My apologies, but I’ve come down with a cold and have decided to cancel. We will schedule a make-up at a later date.



July 29th Cancelled Due to Illness


I was scheduled to teach tonight’s class for Greg, but I’m struggling with a summer cold and think it would be best to cancel the class, get some rest, and keep my germs to myself for the rest of the day.
I hope you understand!
Take care of yourselves!

Vinyasa cancelled- Nov 27th

Please note that Sarah is away for a conference and will to be able to teach tonight’s vinyasa class.

There are a few drop-in spaces available for her remaining classes before the New Year.

Tuesday November 27th: ***Vinyasa class postponed***

Sunday Dec 2nd: Last Hatha practice until the new year

Tuesday Dec 4th & 11th: last Vinyasa practices until new year!