Core and Back (Registered)

During this class students will use a series of asanas (yoga postures), as well as bandhas (energy locks) to help build muscles in the lumbar (lower back), pelvis and abdominal regions. Building these muscles will promote correct posture and spinal alignment. It can also prevent and relieve lower back pain. This class will also include deep stretching and some intermediate-level asanas.

There will be 8 classes in total, beginning September 23rd and ending November 25th. Classes will exclude Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day Sundays.

There in still space available in this class, so if you are interested in registering, please e-mail Leanne at to reserve your place.


2 thoughts on “Core and Back (Registered)

  1. Hi Just wondering what type of yoga classes that would be good for me? i have never done yoga, but don’t want anything to slow paced

  2. Hi Grace, the vinyasa class is faster paced than the Core and Back, but usually I recommend that people attend the Core and Back first so that they can familiarize themselves with the postures before flowing them together. That said, I generally don’t facilitate classes that are exceptionally fast moving. In yoga, unlike most other exercise, a major part of the focus is on staying centered and calm, even in movement and in challenging postures. I hope you can come in and give it a try! 🙂

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