Class Descriptions


Taught by Greg Sandala

This class is designed to introduce men to the benefits of yoga in a pragmatic fashion, with particular focus on the shoulders, lower back, hamstrings and abs. As much as possible, connections will be drawn between the postures and the immediate benefits to one’s daily life.

* Please email Greg at gmsandala (at) gmail (dot) com to register


Taught by Leanne Laracey

In this class we will explore the basics of Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa, an energizing and active yoga practice that helps build strength and endurance. This class is designed for people who may be new to Vinyasa or who may be out of practice. We will break down the most essential postures of the practice and explore variations so that you are equipped with the knowledge to join a regular Vinyasa class, and if necessary, are able to make modifications independently to best meet your own needs.

* Please email Leanne at navayogainfo (at) gmail (dot) com to register


Taught by Sarah Smith

Building skill in breathing exercises (pranayama) and postures (asana) and linking these two together through movement will be the focus of the Tuesday evening Vinyasa class.  Vinyasa is an important practice in any form of yoga, where movement, breath and visual focus are coordinated to catch the attention of the mind and to move vital energy throughout the body.  This class will focus on developing connection to our breath & from there, how going deeply into breath can help us to listen to our physical body, psyche & spirit.

*Please email sarahsmithyoga (at) gmail (dot)com or call (506) 874-3352 to register


Taught by Julie Doiron (& Sarah Smith)

Yin is a practice of a specific postures that are each held for 2–10 minutes. This practice allows the fascia to elongate and create space within the body. It connects body, mind and spirit through stillness and inner work. Due to the time it takes to set up, and the quality of the work- please arrive a few minutes early.

*Please email juliedoiron (at) yahoo (dot) com to register 


Taught by Leanne Laracey and other guest instructors from Nava

Class description forthcoming.

* Please email Leanne at navayogainfo (at) gmail (dot) com to register


Taught by Nancy Burkhart

These classes are designed to balance your running practice.  We will focus on creating routines that strengthen the entire body and encourage movement in multiple planes of motion.  The poses will focus on stability, mobilization of the joints, and muscle groups involved in running. No prior experience with yoga is necessary and all levels are welcome!

* Please email Nancy at nancy.burkhart.nb (at) gmail (dot) com to register


Taught by Sarah Smith

This class will help parents incorporate baby into a daily yoga practice that can help calm & rejuvenate mom (or dad) and entertain baby at the same time.  Practice will focus on breath work and gentle postures for regaining strength & flexibility.  Our class is open to parents and babies up to 14 months and will offer a supportive environment in which moms (or dads) will have the opportunity to  reconnect with their own mental, physical, and emotional selves.

*Please wear comfy clothing and bring one of your baby’s favourite toys to keep him or her busy.

*Please email sarahsmithyoga (at) gmail (dot)com or call (506) 874-3352 to register


Taught by Leanne Laracey

Join us for this calming, inclusive, and balanced class that focuses on slow, conscious movements and inward attention. Classes are taught in a responsive way, and teachers try to modify each class to suit the needs of those in attendance. Depending on the energy and needs of the group, some classes are more relaxing, while others are more challenging. Beginners are always welcome!

* Please email Leanne at navayogainfo (at) gmail (dot) com to register


Taught by Nancy Burkhart

 These Sunday morning classes are designed to nourish the body, mind, and spirit through breath-work, asana (yoga postures) and mindful movement. These Kripalu-style classes cultivate a sense of meditation in motion. All levels are welcome!

* Please email Nancy at nancy.burkhart.nb (at) gmail (dot) com to register



Sarah, Julie, Leanne, and Greg

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