About Pete Wellband

Pete started his yoga journey at Nava Yoga in 2011 while at Mount Allison University. With the original intention to improve his balance and flexibility for rugby, Pete found yoga to be way for him to begin to integrate and embody what he was learning in his Religious Studies courses. He soon saw how yoga has the power to transform our ways of thinking and being in the world.

After an inspiring trip to Saskatoon, SK, Pete decided to take his 200hr teacher training with Ryan Leier (One Yoga) in October 2014. He has since completed more training with Ryan in March 2016, as well as a trauma-sensitive teacher training with Yoga Outreach in Tofino, BC, and a teacher training in Ottawa, ON with Love Your Brain, a foundation that provides yoga for individuals recovering from brain injury.

Pete’s approach to yoga encourages an attitude of receptivity. He sees the practice as a means of gathering information about the mind and body. His classes use the breath and movement to drop the head into the body where feeling can replace thinking.